Group Biography

Superb Four Piece Band (Route 66)

Andy Mogg (Lead Vocals/Lead/Rhythm Guitar)


Many musicians/bands have influenced Andy's music progression over the years from Staus Quo to The Shadows, from Thin Lizzy to Dire Straits and more.

Andy started guitar at eight and was gigging at fifteen. Original founder of the band Route 66 in  1982.

Andy over the years has been a member of bands such as:

Gemini, 4 O' Clock Rock,      Route 66 (82 to 88), The Moggies, Route 66 (91 to 2012). Brought out of retirement  to start a new chapter of Route 66

Andy is a master of the lead guitar solo, and his influences adds dynamics to the band.

Carl Thompson (Lead Vocals/Lead/Rhythm Guitar)


Rick Nelson, James Burton, Cliff & The Shadows

Carl has mastered his craft on stage by working with many high quality revival bands such as:

The Spirits, The Blue Dakotas, Travellers Express, The Wanderers and The Followers.

Carl's vocal and lead guitar work in conjunction with Andy Moggs is complementary, giving a great show variety.

Lennie Dale (Drums)


Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop & Funk

Lennie is one of those musicians who has experienced a full array of music and is capable of providing different drum styles to suit the band and the venue. His pedigree is second to none, bands played in are many and here are just a few:-

Generation, Pro with Imperial Bond, Colin Chamley Big Band, Limited Edition, Second Nature + many more gigs in holiday camps, theatres & clubs around the country.

Lennie, style is positive & precise with the ability to provide a finesse light sound and when needed his rock and funk influence kicks in to drive the band.

Stephen Heywood (Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar)


Swing Big Band, Classical, The Shadows, Paul McCartney

Stephen started playing double bass at twelve in the school orchestra and progressed to bass guitar at 14. Been playing ever since from cabaret work to orchestra pit work and many groups/bands such as:

The Hi-Lites, Sagebrush, Shady Lane, The Kats, Many Rock & Roll Bands and The Followers.

Stephen's bass sound is melodic, clear and precise, along with our drummer is the engine room of the band adding to the unique sound of Route 66.

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